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Casing (OCTG)

Casing is Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) or API steel pipe that becomes part of completed oil and gas wells. The term "casing" applies to pipe that is used to line the drilled hole to protect the well from formation fluid flow or collapse. The ability of casing to perform properly depends on the physical integrity of the pipe body and connections, or threads.

Line Pipe
Line Pipe.jpg

Line Pipe

Our steel Line Pipe is good for onshore transportation of gas, oil, and hazardous liquids in the petroleum and chemical industries. API Line Pipe is designed for higher pressures and extreme conditions. These pipelines transport oil and gas long distances to storage facilities or larger pipelines.


Sprinkler Pipe

  • 100% compatible with Fire Sprinkler systems that use only steel pipe

  • Both UL Listed and FM approved

  • Meets all ASTM A135/A795 requirements

  • Rated working pressure of 300 psi

  • NDT weld tested

  • Every joint serialized to ensure quality and maintain traceability

fm app.png
Standard Pipe.jpg

Standard/Mechanical Pipe

Our steel pipe is suitable for many purposes. It's primarily intended for mechanical and pressure applications, but it works well for steam, water, gas, and air lines. It's suitable for welding and forming operations involving bending.


100% Domestic USA Steel Pipe

Meets "Buy America" made and melted requirements


Green and Sustainable

Contains steel made from recycled materials

Pipe Piles
Pipe Piles.jpg

Pipe Piles

Pipe Piles are steel pipe that is used to reinforce and support foundations when soil and ground conditions are not suitable to support structures. Pipe Piles are normally used for deep foundations to transfer the structural load to underground rock or stronger soil conditions. They may be used to form concrete piles.

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