Over forty years
of excellence.
Over forty years of excellence

With over 40 years of outstanding service, Paragon Industries is an API-licensed manufacturer of oil country tubular goods, line pipe products, ASTM products, structural piling, sprinkler pipe, and more.

Paragon Industries

We meet our customers' unique needs, and exceed their expectations.


At Paragon, our mission is 100% customer satisfaction. And we don’t just talk about it; we act on it. We are the safest, highest-quality, best cost, most productive, and most profitable company in the industry.

Paragon Industries Pipe Manufacturing

We manufacture and customize the highest quality steel pipe to meet your needs across a range of industries.

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No matter the need, Paragon sets the standard for pipe manufacturing.

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From heat treating to complete customization, we meet all unique needs.

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We take care of everything to ensure your shipment is streamlined.

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Logistics are our specialty. We'll get your materials to where they need to go.

King of Quality

Quality steel made in the USA

Seam annealed

Dimensional inspection

Full body NDE inspection

Chemical analysis

Mechanical testing

Thread inspection

Inline ultrasonic

Hardness testing

Crush testing

Hydrostatic testing

Charpy testing

Visual inspection

Yield & tensile strength test

Impact tester

End finish inspection